Wire Free CCTV

Gateway Alarm Systems provide Wireless CCTV solutions operating within the 5.8 GHZ radio frequency band. Wireless CCTV systems offer security that can be utilised for any number of scenarios, such as on farms, in city and town centres and for areas where CCTV surveillance is required but where it may be too  difficult or impossible to run a transmission cable between the camera and recording equipment. With wireless image and sound transmission ranges from 200 metres up to 5 kilometres, this form of surveillance is now a leading tool in the fight against crime and antisocial behaviour in towns around the country. Wireless CCTV cameras offer security that is quick to install and provides high levels of performance.

Wireless CCTV


  • CCTV Cameras
  • DVR recorders and multiplexers
  • Video radio links for monitoring
  • Ideal for street cameras
  • Ideal for wireless calving cameras



  • 7 independent video channels.
  • Stable, high quality PAL image transmission.
  • Directional antennas providing stable operation.
  • Range up to 5 kilometres.
  • In case of lack of line of sight, a signal retransmission and range extension are possible.
  • Interference free transmission.
  • Real time transmission with no delays nor loss of image quality.
  • Outdoor enclosure with built in directional antennas.