Quality Statement

Gateway Alarm Systems is committed to achieving and maintaining a high standard of quality in all aspects of its business.  Our aim is to maintain our high level of performance as expected by our customers’ right through our entire business; providing an unequalled service in the Security sector.

QualityIn order to continually meet and improve our commitment in a quality service, Gateway Alarm Systems operates an internal quality management system, which meets the requirements of the international standard in conjunction with EN 50131-1 (Intruder Alarm Systems), EN 50132 (CCTV) and SR40:2008. We are Licensed by the private Security Authority of Ireland (LIC: no. 01763) for the installation and maintenance of electronic security systems; all installers/companies in Ireland are duly obliged to hold this license by law.

Gateway Alarm Systems is committed to implementing an effective quality management system at every level within our company. The quality management system gives the business a focal point for promoting best practice and continuous improvement. Health and safety standards and training within the business is carried out annually by a third party; ensuring that our staff are aware of their responsibilities for both themselves and others around them.

Gateway Alarm Systems will ensure in providing and maintaining its service to its clients that:

  • The Quality policy put in place by the company is upheld and supported by management at all levels.
  • Staffs are appropriately trained and competent to enable them to carry out their tasks and given appropriate authority within the scope of their responsibilities.
  • Staff responsibilities are clearly identified.
  • All relevant documentation is maintained, controlled and archived in line with regulations as set out by our standards authority, MSC.
  • Sufficient resources are provided to facilitate staff in carrying out their work.
  • Periodic audits and reviews of staff and project work are undertaken to ensure that standards as set out are maintained.
  • Staff are appropriately dressed, carry an in date company identification card and safe pass card.
  • Staff are duly aware of their responsibilities in regards to health and safety.