Preventative Maintenance

Without effective and regular maintenance even the best equipment will deteriorate, and without a rapid response a minor fault can become a major problem.
Gateway Alarms provides maintenance and service to Intruder Alarms, CCTV, Fire Alarms, Electric Gates, Emergency Lighting and Fire Extinguishers.
With the support of a nationwide operation, Gateway Alarms have engineers offering 24/7/365 callout and telephone technical support for contract holding customers.
We have a number of standard agreements, however, if these do not suit your specific needs then we can develop a specific package for your individual requirements.

Alarm Console Tester Fire Extinguisher Exit Alarm Maintenance
  • Intruder Alarm Maintenance 

It is essential to have Intruder Alarm Maintenance in place to ensure the continuity of your security system. Scheduled service visits keeps your security alarm in optimum condition to EN 50131-1 standard, guarantees a longer life span for your burglar alarm and provides you with peace of mind and access to our 24 hour maintenance division.  Maintenance contracts comprise of one routine on-site service per annum, which includes full inspection of all components of your security system including internal and external bells, detection sensors, communication systems, backup batteries, tamper circuits and more. A full detailed report is presented to the customer on completion of service.

  • CCTV Maintenance

CCTV maintenance is imperative; it is the best way of ensuring that your system continues to operate to its full capacity. Without regular maintenance an un-spotted camera malfunction can seriously compromise the recorded footage in the event of a serious incident occurring on your property. Gateway Alarms preventative maintenance visits consists of one inspection per annum to run diagnostic checks on all recording equipment, focus, clean and check all cameras, check power supply readings and update your DVR with any new relevant software. 

  • Fire Alarms

Maintaining your fire Alarm system is vital in managing your fire safety obligations. To obtain a fire certificate for any new or existing building your fire detection system has to meet the relevant standards I.S. 3218:2009. This consists of four routine maintenance visits per annum, which include the examination of all detection equipment, i.e. smoke and heat sensors. We also ensure that all break glasses along with internal and external bells are in good working order. Backup batteries along with the main fire panel are also serviced.

  • Fire Extinguishers

Fire is the biggest risk that we face when it comes to managing Health and Safety. Failure to manage fire extinguisher maintenance risks lives, property and jobs. Regulations require that your fire extinguishers should be serviced at least once per annum to ensure that they will always function in an emergency. Our Engineers will visit your site regularly to make sure that your equipment is ready for the moment that you need it.

  • Electric Gates

It is recommended to have your electric gates serviced at least once a year so that any potential problems are spotted before your gates come to a halt and become an inconvenience. A typical maintenance visit consists of lubricating the gates hinges and other moving parts with a suitable lubricant, inspecting capacitors and electrical connections, checking that safety photocells are operating correctly and ensuring that the motors are working within their capacity ETC.

  • Emergency Lighting

Emergency lighting testing is the examination of all backup lighting on a premise and certifying that all emergency lights are in working order and will illuminate in the event of a fire or emergency. Battery replacement services, Lamp and Ballast replacement, Log book services ETC. Testing is carried out at various intervals as required by Health and safety legislation. All buildings require an emergency lighting installation which complies with current Laws I.S.3217:2008. Each maintenance contract consists of four visits per year.


Gateway Alarms comprehensive maintenance services ensure:

  • Vital Security System will work when needed
  • High levels of performance are maintained
  • Value for money by giving equipment longer life
  • Access to our 24hr service division who can help with all your security issues whether they are urgent or routine.