Fire Risk Assessment

A Fire Assessment is a systematic and critical evaluation of your premises and the activities carried out there for the purpose of determining the likelihood of a fire occurring and causing harm to people in and around the premises. It will identify what action you need to take to prevent a fire from occurring and what action you need to take to ensure the safety of people in and around your property if a fire does occur.

Not only can fire kill or cause serious injury, it can have a devastating financial impact on your business. When you consider that 80% of businesses that suffer from a major fire either never re-open or close within 18 months of the fire, a risk assessment is a very sensible investment.

We will provide a meaningful recordkeeping system to help monitor and evaluate fire precautions and to provide a record of compliance with statutory obligations. The system will show the intervals at which various inspections, tests, procedures, or inventory/location checks must be carried out and provides all applicable logs for the purpose of recording them.

Risk Assessment

To conduct the fire assessment, we will visit your premises and undertake a comprehensive evaluation of the following:

  • Fire fighting equipment
  • Means of detecting fire and raising the alarm
  • Passive fire safety measures
  • Management and record keeping system
  • Fire safety policy and procedures
  • Means of escape measures and fire evacuation procedures
  • Inspection and maintenance routines
  • Fire brigade provisions, e.g. Hydrant, wet/dry risers, liaison procedure
  • Flammable and hazardous substances and storage facilities
  • PIR and PAT testing arrangements
  • Special provisions for vulnerable persons
  • Staff instruction, training and hazard awareness
  • Fire safety culture and house keeping practices
  • Fire action plan
  • Arson prevention
  • Combustible materials and sources of ignition
  • Fire safety signs and notices
  • Audit of regulatory compliance