Wireless Systems

Interconnection of the various Fire Alarm System components including detectors, manual call points, sounders and control panels, which has traditionally been done in electrical cabling can now be done with Wire Free Radio for Wire Free Fire Alarms.

Wire Free Fire Alarm Systems are a unique alternative to the costs, potential damage and business disruption associated with installing Fire Alarm Systems in existing buildings and an ideal solution for retrofit and refurbishment applications in small to medium sized enterprises. Installing cables in existing buildings has, in the past, meant ugly surface wiring or damage to decor caused by the installation of concealed wiring.

Wireless Fire Alarms

Advantages of Wire Free Fire Alarm Systems

  • No costly fire rated cable to install.
  • Easy to move or upgrade as building use changes.
  • No disruption or costly damage to building interior.
  • No faults or false alarms caused by cable problems.
  • Sensors installed in less than ten minutes per unit.
  • Typical 5 year battery life – field proven.
  • Voice evacuation facilities fully integrated.
  • Advanced wireless technology ensures interference free operation.