Conventional Systems

Standard Conventional Fire Alarm Systems can be installed in Domestic and small Commercial premises. The Conventional Systems have a number of detectors on each zone which protect a particular area of the building such as the ground floor, first floor etc. Fire Alarm Systems are provided with audible warning devices to ensure that in the event of a fire there is sufficient sound to alert people in the premises so that they can be safely evacuated from the property.

Conventional Fire Alarm Systems

All the intelligence resides within the control panel. Detectors and break glass units are connected together on a single run of cable for each zone or area. When the panel detects a resistance change, through activation of a detector or call point, a zone latches into fire and the sounders or bells are triggered.

Conventional Fire Alarms

Gateway Alarms design and install systems to comply fully with current regulations and only tried and proven fire detection equipment is utilised. All completed systems are fully certified in accordance with current legislation.