Covert CCTV

Covert CCTV cameras are a major part of many CCTV systems. With crime on the rise many employers are seeing a large rise in Retail shrinkage. In many instances this is down to employee theft. Covert CCTV cameras, if installed in the right areas i.e. above tills or in store rooms, are generally the most effective way of catching dishonest staff. Gateway Alarms have a strong track record in this area, providing strong evidence of employee theft to business owners throughout Ireland, many of which leading to dismissals and prosecutions. Our covert systems are designed to be quickly and conveniently installed over night if necessary, so that not to arouse suspicion amongst staff.

Covert CCTV is now considered an integral tool in the fight against theft; whether stand alone or part of an integrated system. Covert cameras have a place in virtually every commercial premise. Gateway Alarms is conscious when installing these devices to adhere to the Data protection act, as to not potentially harm any future cases that may arise from any footage retrieved. For more information or for a demonstration to see what we can offer, contact Gateway Alarms.