Consultation & Design

Gateway Alarms services and expertise extends to the Design and Installation of electronic security systems right from the very earliest planning stages of your home design. Our auto-cad trained technicians can work in conjunction with your electrician in providing you with a high spec drawing of your home with provisions for intruder alarm system, CCTVfire alarm (independent system or one that is linked to your intruder alarm)intercom, electric gates and so on.  After consultations with both the customer and the electrician, we provide a structured and detailed drawing of lay-out  for each security system that you want in place explaining each one in great detail.

Benefits of our service

(1) We can incorporate your heating system in to your security system, giving you the option of  remotely turning your heating  on / off via text message through your phone or laptop.

(2) You can remotely turn certain security lights which will be strategically placed around the perimeter of your property on / off via text message or laptop if you are not at home.

(3)  Remotely turn your intruder alarm on / off via text message, which stops the need for tradesmen, staff and others from knowing your code giving you complete control of your security system.

(4) Incorporate your oil tank into your home security system preventing oil theft. If the level of your oil drops dramatically it activates the alarm system.  Also allowing you to monitor the level at which your oil is at.

(5)  Strategically placing and installing heat, smoke and carbon dioxide detectors around your property allowing your intruder alarm to also act as a Fire alarm system

(6) Open and close your electric gates via text message through your phone and laptop.

(7) Set–up your CCTV system to view remotely over the internet  via laptop and mobile phone, allowing you to watch over your property from anywhere in the world.

We can provide the best possible electronic security system for you and your family, which includes the above and more. Contact Gateway Alarms for more information regarding this service.