Audio Intercoms

The need for personal security from un-wanted visitors at home or in the workplace is on the increase. Gateway Alarms can fit a range of intercom systems to suit your needs. We can install single or multiple systems with a modern, attractive design for domestic, commercial or industrial use. Contact Gateway Alarms for more information.


Visual Intercoms

A video intercom system, installed by Gateway Alarms works the same way as a standard audio system, but also allows you to view, via a colour LCD screen (7”) whoever is at your front door from inside your home or business. Gateway Alarms can install single or multiple video intercom systems for domestic, commercial or industrial use.


Wire-Free Intercoms

Gateway Alarms wire-free intercom systems provide long range two way voice communication for up to a mile or even further with the use of an external antenna. Wire-free intercom systems can be installed quickly and easily and also removes the need for laborious cable laying. Intercoms give you the added security of knowing who is at your front door.