24 Hr Monitoring – CCTV

Gateway Alarms is a leading installer of remote CCTV monitoring systems.  CCTV monitoring is the fastest growing sector in the electronic security industry. The key benefit of this service is that intruders are detected at a very early stage as they enter the property.  Long range detection devices fitted around the perimeter of the property when activated notify the monitoring centre, using a broadband and transmission unit the control room staff can view remotely the protected site. Speakers are fitted in the protected area to order the intruders of the site and explain to them that they are being monitored live and that the Gardai have been notified and are on there way.

How it Works

  • Cameras protect your property by detecting intruders 24/7/365
  • Any breach of the perimeter creates an alert which streams live video back to the command centre in real time.
  • Controllers respond by issuing an audio warning to leave the site and that the gardai have been notified.
  • On arrival, the gardai are assisted by the controller in locating the intruders.

Benefits of CCTV monitoring

  • Detects intruders at the earliest stage,
  • Protects assets and prevents loss
  • Protects key holders from injury or attack
  • Monitors irregular activities
  • Monitors critical activities such as opening and closing of businesses
  • Reduces insurance claims


CCTV solutions is now considered an integral part of an overall security plan, Gateway Alarms are experts in this field. We provide design, installation and maintenance. Contact us for more information.